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MyDovetale Terms and Conditions of Use

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) offers MyDovetale for non-urgent access to your health information. It is an online tool that provides access to limited and specific portions of your electronic medical record through a secure web portal. MyDovetale enables patients to participate more fully in their care by providing access to select health information and a secure messaging platform that supports communication with your care team.

MyDovetale does not replace your relationship with your care team. You should still schedule and attend appointments as recommended by your care team. If you have an immediate health concern during regular business hours, you should contact the clinic by phone to request service. MyDovetale may also be used to support SJHH virtual visits.

In the event of an emergency, please contact 911 or visit your closest emergency department.

Appropriate Use of MyDovetale

MyDovetale provides the following services:

- Ability to view lab results, medications, allergy information
- Ability to view your appointments and to cancel or request appointments with participating clinics
- Ability to message your care team through a secure inbox function
- Ability to complete and submit questionnaires and other forms to support your care
- Ability to personalize your account and manage access by your registered proxies
- Ability to view selected portions of your medical record including condition/problem lists
- Ability to host an e-visit through MyDovetale, leveraging Zoom videoconferencing software

As other services become available in MyDovetale, we will update this document.

I understand that SJHH may send me email messages to notify me of new messages or important changes to MyDovetale account. These messages will not contain any personal health information. I understand it is my responsibility to monitor my messages and respond when required. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure I maintain a valid email address and update SJHH if I change my email address.

I understand that MyDovetale may not be made available to all SJHH patients and that I may request access to my SJHH medical records at any time by contacting the SJHH Release of Information Specialists in the Health Information Management Department.

If you believe information in your health record to be in error, you may request correction of that information by submitting your request to our Health Records Department or the Privacy Office.

I understand that transmission of abusive, defamatory, obscene or unlawful information through MyDovetale may result in deactivation of my account.

Privacy and Confidentiality

SJHH will only use and share your personal health information for authorized or required purposes, and your personal health information will be stored and managed securely in accordance with our privacy and information security policies, as required by law.

When you first register as a MyDovetale user, we will provide you with a unique activation code to allow you to complete your secure registration online. The first time you log into MyDovetale, you will be required to create a unique user name and password.

I agree to keep my unique access code, user name and password confidential and secure.

I understand my user name and password can be used to provide access to my personal health information, including the ability to submit information and messages to my care team. It is my responsibility to change my passwords as necessary to protect my privacy, and to not share my log in information with others.

Please note your MyDovetale password does not expire. If you identify a privacy/security risk at any time, you should reach out to request a password reset.

We recommend you change your password on a regular basis.

I understand that access to MyDovetale is audited to ensure ongoing privacy and information security and to identify potential misuse or compromise of my account.

I understand that St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton takes no responsibility for and disclaims any liability for damages arising from a breach of privacy or confidentiality resulting from not protecting my user name or password. I understand that sharing my user name and password may be considered misuse of MyDovetale privileges and may result in deactivation of my account.

I understand that I may consent to provide access to MyDovetale account by others (family, external care providers) by initiating the MyDovetale Proxy Access Registration process. I understand that my proxies may have access to any information in MyDovetale account and that I am responsible for managing access by my identified proxies, including termination of access by my proxies.

SJHH reserves the right to deny access to MyDovetale services by patients or proxies as warranted.

I understand that any information provided through MyDovetale may become part of my legal medical record and as such, may be used and disclosed as permitted or required by law.

I understand that I may request assistance with MyDovetale account. I understand that in order to provide assistance, SJHH may be required remotely access my account. This access may lead to exposure of my personal health information to the SJHH staff member assisting me. I understand SJHH staff must obtain my consent before accessing my account, and I may refuse or revoke consent at any time.

I also understand that all SJHH staff are required to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any personal health information which they may be required to access in the course of their duties.

Virtual Care and MyDovetale

I understand that MyDovetale can be used to launch virtual care e-visits using Zoom videoconferencing. While St. Joe’s takes all reasonable steps to ensure the ongoing privacy and security of virtual care sessions, I understand that there are inherent privacy and security risks that personal health information may be intercepted or unintentionally disclosed during electronic communications or virtual care visits. Further, my virtual visit may be impacted by technical issues including the quality or stability of an internet connection, or my personal telecommunications equipment.

SJHH Virtual Care sessions are not recorded, but they will be documented in my electronic health record. I will be asked to consent to receive virtual care, and my consent will also be recorded in my electronic health record. My provider will determine whether virtual care is the right option, as not all types of visits are suited to virtual care delivery. During a virtual care session, I should take steps to ensure privacy, including using a private location away from others, and use of earphones to ensure the privacy of the audio portion of the visit.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the privacy of your personal health information at SJHH, you may contact our privacy office at . If we cannot satisfactorily address your concerns, you may also contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.